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Reed's Rocket Nutcracker

Reed's Rocket Nutcracker

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America’s Finest Nut Cracker
  • All steel machine construction with attractive base and wooden handle grip nutcracker.

  • Unique design cracks soft shell nuts, faster, better and easier than any other nutcracker.

  • Cracks Pecans, English Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts, Brazil and other Soft Shell Nuts.

  • Will not crack Black Walnuts or Hickory Nuts.

  • Lends commercial speed to a formerly tedious job.

  • Pays for itself in savings on bulk nut purchases.

  • Prepares nut meats as you need them.

  • Unique 5-Star Cracking Action grips the nuts firmly with 5-Star points of contact. This gives greater power and assures cleaner and larger nut meats.