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HawsWateringCans.com is family owned and operated.

The Winge Family - 2007haws watering cans

The Winge Family - 2007

Welcome to HawsWateringCans.com which is owned by The Peas and Corn Company, Inc. If you've browsed our website, already you've seen we specialize in Haws Watering Cans. Now, perhaps you want to know more about the company itself?

We are a family owned and operated business located in beautiful Glennville, Georgia about 50 miles west of Savannah. We are a debt-free company with low overhead, which allows us to provide our customers the highest quality products available at the lowest prices possible.

Charles and Saundra Wingehaws watering cans

Charles and Saundra Winge

Being a family owned and operated business helps us create an atmosphere of teamwork, with a strong commitment to quality and customer care. Each customer is treated and thought of as being an integral member of The Peas & Corn Company family. The smallest concern voiced by a customer is immediately met with genuine concern by one of our family members. And a compliment from a customer is valued as much as a son values a word of praise from his father.

The Winge Family - 2012haws watering cans

The Winge Family - 2012

From where does this commitment stem? Our love of God and commitment to our church as well as our desire to serve our community and our customers by giving our very best.

Thank you for stopping in at HawsWateringCans.com / The Peas and Corn Company, Inc. We look forward to sharing with you and your family our experiences throughout the coming years.

The Winge Family